Pizza Self 24

Pizza Self 24

Pizza Self 24: an automatic restaurant of pizzas and hot snacks 24 hours a day

The vending machine of pizzas and hot snacks in the world

Pizza Self 24 is a brand of Cierreci Srl, a leading company in the hot vending sector, specialized in the production and marketing of "Pizza Cooking and Food Corner": vending machines able, in just 3 minutes, to churn out pizzas and hot snacks ready for consumption, already cut and packaged in practical "hot protection" packs.

Technology, taste and quality

Pizza Self 24 by Cierreci Srl, Pizza Cooking and Food Corner is a one of a kind vending machine: high performance and excellent quality are guaranteed by a special technology patented by the staff and by qualified suppliers and used for each individual component.

Support, training and professionalism

Pizza Self 24 by Cierreci Srl, Pizza Cooking and Food Corner offers support all over the world: a specialized team is at your disposal for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance in case of need, and organizes training courses for the personnel who will manage the machine. Furthermore, there is the possibility of being assisted anywhere thanks to the incorporated assistance of the machines.

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