Pizza Vending Machine 

Pizza Self 24 leader in vending machines for hot dishes, propose the first interactive vending machine able to cook in less than three minutes a delicious fresh pizza. A hot and crunchy pizza ready to eat, right on the spot, or to carry out wrapped into a handy package..

 Ready in less than 3 mins

 100% Customizable

 High Quality

 Service 24/24

 Low Energy consumption

 84 pieces stored

The revolutionary solution which brings the "Excellence"
of handcrafted Italian pizza all over the World!

Complete Personalization


Quick Service

24Hh a day, 7 days a week; A warm and crunchy pizza is ready to eat in180 seconds; requires minimum maintenance and fulfills all regulations and requirements of safety hygiene and equipment certifications.

84 Pizzas stored

Pizza Self 24h Machine stores for a total of 84 pieces (42 of each type). The pizzas are pre-cooked and in a wood-fired oven and then stored at -8° C

Highest quality

Pizza Self 24h Machine takes just 90 seconds to serve up an excellent pizza as hot and crunchy as in a "Pizzeria".

Low Energy Consumption

High performance and low energy consumption thanks to its special oven (power absorption/ consumption, 220 V / 50/60 Hz Max 3 kW).

100% Personalization

Each machine can be personalized upon customer’s request. Each logo can be designed up to the customer's discretion as to what they need.

Customer Support

WE provide Assistance and Professional Support for customers 24/7 all over the world The technical service is an important argument for our customer.

Where Pizza Self 24h Machine can be used?

  • Casinò

  • Airports

  • Parking lots

  • Shopping

  • University

  • School

  • Hotels

  • Camping

  • Station

  • Restaurants

  • Stadium

  • SeaPort


Leader in vending machines for hot dishes

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